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You can now get access to the Discovery Spinal Network and the Joint Sustainability Program (JSP) if you are an iZandla shareholder

Holding Hands

The Physiotherapy Joint Sustainability Project (JSP)

Based on global best practice, Discovery Health is committed to working with the profession to build a shared-value, person-centred healthcare system. This provides a rich ecosystem in which the member or patient, healthcare provider and funder, partner to improve healthcare outcomes in a sustainable way

One of the key elements of the shared-value model is value-based care (VBC), which uniquely generates value for all stakeholders in the healthcare system

Implementation of VBC strategies in the Discovery Health ecosystem is already proving to be very effective in addressing the challenges of variable quality of care and cost effectiveness in the healthcare environment

Discovery Health has accepted iZandla as a recognised South African Physiotherapy representative group and will work with us through 2022 to build a value-based initiative into the Joint Sustainability Project (JSP)

If you have any questions about the Joint Suitability Project, please email Discovery at or call them on 0860 44 55 66

Discovery Health Spinal Conservative Care Programme 2022

Persistent spinal pain is one of the most prevalent medical complaints across all Discovery Health administered medical schemes. Discovery Health Medical Scheme has seen an increase of 8% in spinal surgeries over the past four years, with costs far exceeding R1 billion a year

An analysis of the claims experience revealed that when procedures are performed in more focused surgical centres supported by experienced multidisciplinary teams, there are fewer complications and readmissions. In addition, sub-optimal outcomes occur when appropriate cases are not referred to a high-quality conservative care programme

Discovery Health introduced their Spinal Care Programme in 2021 together with the Spinal Surgery Network and the Conservative Care Network. In 2022, this programme will continue to support the appropriate management of members who are at high risk of spinal surgery for persistent back or neck pain

iZandla is a proud member of the Discovery Health Conservative Care Network


If you have any questions about the Spinal Care Programme, please email Discovery at or call them on 0860 44 55 66

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