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Be a tax-savvy investor

You have until the end of the month to maximise your tax incentives and be a tax-savvy investor.

With the tax-year end nearing, let’s summarise the main benefits of tax-free investing.

Benefit from generous tax savings by contributing to retirement funds

Your contributions to retirement funds, like Retirement Annuities (RAs), are tax deductible up to 27.5% of your total taxable income/remuneration, capped at a maximum of R350 000 p.a.

This means that you can reduce your tax liability by contributing to RAs. However, few investors know that they can enjoy further tax deductions by re-investing the taxes that they saved in the first place. The re-investment of the tax saving, on top of a tax saving, results in a compound savings effect that few, if any other, investments can achieve.

For Example:

Saving in a non-tax-deductible investment

Saving in a tax-deductible RA

Taxable income

R 1 000 000

R 1 000 000

Contribution to investment

R100 000

R100 000

Tax liability

R297 811

R256 811

Tax saving reinvested in current year


R41 000

Tax saving on tax saving reinvested in following year


R16 810

Investment after 2 years (contributions only)

R100 000

R157 810

Other benefits of investing in an RA include tax-free growth within the investment, protection from creditors and the fact that an RA doesn’t form part of your estate for estate duty and executor’s fee purposes.