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For Physiotherapists by Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy Business Solutions



Taking Your Practice to
the Next Level with iZandla Consulting 

Industry Insights

Staying in touch with current and future developments - medical, legal, compliance (POPI and CPA), technology

A partner dedicated to private practice

Corporate governance in action with a dedicated plan for your practice.

Finance Optimization

Access to bespoke financial management products that make running your practice effective and easy at a discounted rate.

Quality assurance

Become a recognised member of iZandla. Differentiate yourself and become relevant to funders

No longer alone in business

Have a sense of belonging by being a part of our community of physios in private practice - mentoring, peer chat support, share same values, congress, conference, functions, sports events

Protect your assets and your livelihood.

Risk management - Insurance, assurance, malpractice

Become a data driven practice

Transform data to information to predictive information - quality assurance tools to help you self regulate

Access to relevant CPD activities

Self development - personally, professionally and commercially

Collective buying power

Financial leverage on products and services for own consumption and for resale. Banking partners who understand your profession, your practice and you as an individual.

iZandla in numbers


Years of Experience in Private Practice Governance


Network Programs targeted


The only dedicated private physiotherapy collective 



Moving with the shifting landscape of healthcare

iZandla, which means hands in Zulu, is a ring-fenced company 100% owned and managed by physiotherapists for the benefit of its members currently in the Private Sector.

iZandla was established a couple of years ago in response to developments in the industry.

The Board of directors and executive committee of iZandla consulting comprises of practicing physiotherapists currently in private practice.

Founded by physiotherapists to fulfil a need in the market. Governed by physiotherapists, for the benefit of physiotherapists.


iZandla consulting performs a critical role in that funders and stakeholders need to contract with a commercial company that represents the profession.


Allowing physios to focus on what they do best, and providing support for the rest.


We are a centre of excellence for physios in private practice.



“iZandla gave me the guidance I needed to start my private practice in the right foot”

Josh Phillips
JP Physiotherapists


Medical aids contracted

Confident Businesswoman


What we do

To develop a credible national physiotherapy network which provides representation and quality services in accordance with identified commercial needs of its shareholders and activities incidental to its main business

Nurse with Protective Mask


Let’s work together for the profession.

South Africa

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