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Based on global best practice, Discovery Health (DH) is committed to working with the profession to build a shared-value, person centered healthcare system. This provides a rich ecosystem in which the member or patient, healthcare provider and funder, partner to improve healthcare outcomes in a sustainable way.

One of the key elements of the shared-value model is value-based care (VBC), which uniquely generates value for all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

What are the key features of the Physiotherapy Joint Sustainability Project?

With the Physiotherapy Joint Sustainability Project, DH will pay the practice directly at the project rate (JSP Rate). The certainty of cover achieved through this agreement will result in participants in the project getting the status of designated service provider (DSP). DH reimburses according to the 2006 RPL rules of billing and requires that contracted providers claim accordingly. The 2006 RPL structure can be downloaded from the Council of medical schemes’ website or by following this link:

The JSP rate is a higher rate than the normal DH rate which will improve your practice revenue.

Let’s take the following scenarios to explain:

Chest patient:

Code non-JSP JSP

301 R169,6 R197,6

307/0008 R52,8 R61,4

300/0008 R61,40 R61,4

Total R283,7 R320,4

The above scenario shows a 13% increase in revenue

Spinal patient:

Code non-JSP JSP

303 R210,9 R246,6

401/0008 R92,0 R92,1

310/0008 R105,1 R122,8

Total R408 R461,5

The above scenario shows an 13% increase in revenue

Rehab patient:

Code non-JSP JSP

501 R262,4 R306,9

509 R158,1 R184,1

Total R420,5 R491,0

The above scenarios shows a 17% increase in revenue

The above scenarios show an average increase of 14% in revenue if you are on the JSP program. Take your next remittances from all you DH administrated funds and increase that revenue with 14% and see what the difference it will make to your practice’s revenue. It will be good business sense to make the change.

How to join the JSP program?

Download the JSP application form from the iZandla website under the ‘downloads’ page or click on the link below:

Complete the form and return to Discovery Health at the following email address:

Discovery Health will load your practice number on their network for payments at JSP rates and will notify the practice by SMS/email with the effective date of the JSP agreement

Contact your software bureau to update your billing software with the JSP payment arrangements to ensure that you are billing the correct tariff rates

Clink on the link below to find out more about the JSP program:


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